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With the "List Services" link you can:

  • Subscribe to services and manage service parameters
  • Get access to applications

To manage your services, click on the "List Services" link, then select a service from the list to manage the service parameters.

Subscription status

afs quota

In the services list, Subscribed means that you have access to that service.
Click on the service name to access the service parameters.

Not Subscribed means that you are not yet authorized to access the service.
Service subscription is generally performed by adding your account to an appropriate E-Group; clicking on the service name will open a page with appropriate instructions.
Once your request to join the E-Group has been processed (this operation can be automatic or require the approval of an administrator, as defined by the group policy), you will see a Subscribed status for the service, and clicking on the service name will allow you to access the service parameters.

Not Eligible means that the account you are currently logged in with is not authorized to access the service, and that it cannot be granted access to the service.
This is due to service specific policies, for example Secondary and Service accounts are not allowed to access Oracle database services and create Oracle accounts.

Finally, if the status for a particular service indicates Blocked, it means that your account has been added to a list that explicitly denies access to that service.
This could happen, for example, in case of security problems.
In that case, you should contact the service administrator.

Created: 11/16/2021
Last reviewed: 6/8/2021
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